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Status Maybe in future
Created by Andis Strazdins
Created on Aug 2, 2022

Microsoft tenant management in platform, as self service.

Currently there a a number of Support requests ,per month, where the domains of a Microsoft tenant, need to be adjusted on platform, mostly for ATEA customers.

This includes:

  • Sharing a domain between 2 organizations(Customer ID's).

  • Moving a domain to another organization.

  • Establish a logic where, any updates made(trough MS Partner center) for a shared domain, are synced to the Parent profile(in platform), meaning the profile that was synced to our platform, after accepting the reseller realtionship link.

  • First 2 bulletpoints can be accomplished with a stored procedure in database, but having this as a functionality, would provide relief to the Support team, in regards to incoming Support requests.

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  • Igor Akulov
    Aug 3, 2022

    Hey David,

    Love how active you suddenly are. The same tenant domain cannot be shared by multiple customer orgs currently and we're not planning to change it. Do you have a real-life example from your frequent practices where you see it being necessary? Maybe we can suggest an alternative way to achieve the same result without having to share the tenant domain across multiple customer organizations.

    Meanwhile, one customer org in platform can have and make purchases under multiple tenant domains with the vendor. A very frequent case. You might also want to know that updating the profile of such customer organization would also update the corresponding details of each tenant domain connected to it.

    Hope this helps. Curious to hear your example.


  • Guest
    Aug 3, 2022

    I’m curious in the Microsoft context how a shared domain works across 2 orgs (tenant IDs). Or is this a scenario where one Microsoft tenant ID is billed to two end-customer accounts? I’d be interested in that functionality if so.