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Add customer primary address new column to customer report

To deep dive into customer analysis, currently we're using customer primary address as a supporting dataset. However, after reviewing existing report, we cannot find any matching information in existing report. After checking with report developer...
Tina Huang 6 days ago in  0

Purchase Orders Report should contain update orders

Michal Richnavsky from Lenovo, highlighted this gap in the Purchase Orders Report. They want to be able to see all purchases in this report, not only initial ones. How to reproduce this issue: Reseller: everIT GmbH Customer: xSuite Group GmbH They...
Anastasiia Orlovska about 1 month ago in  0

subreseller customer environment

We have sub resellers without an own MPN ID with Microsoft. We create a new customer for them each time they have one and provide the reseller with login credentials. We add that new account to a customer segment and have Appxite support fix the r...
Guest about 1 month ago in  0

SKU search for Microsoft products

It absolutly necessary that search for SKU IDs is possible instead of only search by name.
Guest 9 months ago in General usability 3 In review

Improved functionality for Scheduled orders.

According to current functionality, if a Customer places 2 Scheduled orders at various times for the same subscription and they aren't aware that 2 orders exist, only the most recent Scheduled order will be processed by Microsoft , when the renewa...
Andis Strazdins 6 months ago in Self-service for customers 1 Planned

Subscription adjustments during configuration (Cancelation) period

As a user with permissions to operate with subscriptions I can edit and make changes to subscription license quantity within eligible cancelation period defined by Vendor.Functionality should be vendor agnostic. Subscription editing is done from S...
Peter Mehrens 5 months ago in Self-service for customers / Tools for vendors 0

Partial upgrades

As a user, I want to upgrade part of the quantity of my subscription in a single order to a new offer, so that I don't have to place multiple orders or re-assign part of the licenses (closest alternative today).
Peter Mehrens 5 months ago in Self-service for customers 0

Reset MFA part of AppXite Platform

Appxite support receives many tickets in relation to reset the MFA. That creates manual workload for Support and Customers which could lead to extended resolution times. Auth0 provides API to reset the MFA as per the following article: https://aut...
Przemyslaw Mrugalski 5 months ago in General usability / Integrations 0 Maybe in future

Active users [Adobe]

Hi team, I would be great to implement the possibility to the assigned subscriptions compared to the total amount of subscriptions a customer has. I believe this information should be available through the Adobe API.
Kenneth Brede 3 months ago in  0

Scheduled renewal email confirmation (w/included changes)

Hi team, When you make scheduled changes to subscriptions for a customer renewal. It would be great to only put this into one email confirmation, instead of one for each change. The big customers has many different subscriptions they usually want ...
Kenneth Brede 3 months ago in  1 Maybe in future