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Perpetual EDU and Non Profit licenses are missing in LCM.

hi team, Missing Perpetual EDU and Non Profit licenses causing more and more problems to our partners. For us its continual support as they are not able to order by them self via MPC and also the prices for EDU and Non Profit are visible as commer...
Michal Richnavsky about 19 hours ago in  0

SKU search for Microsoft products

It absolutly necessary that search for SKU IDs is possible instead of only search by name.
Guest 27 days ago in  3 In review

Product recognition when ordering again

When a customer is looking to place an order for a specific product - can a check be done quickly and if the customer already has that product can a pop up or alert be shows - which advises the person placing the order that this product has alread...
Guest 12 days ago in  0

Show cost price (price from vendor) to sellers in pricing details section

Show cost price (price from vendor) to sellers in pricing details section and not only ERP and not only ERP and customer price. This in the Edit Subscription view.
Guest 12 days ago in  0

New cost+ pricing options for sellers

Allow sellers to apply a cost+ model (fixed margin or markup) based on our cost price (price from vendor). In many cases our agreements with end customers are based on this model and not on a discount from ERP model. The model should be able to ap...
Guest 12 days ago in  0

show price of single unit in subsciption details

At the moment, only the total prices a shown, which makes price lookups uttlery painful. You really should add prices for a single item, especially with so many wrong prices still in the system.
Guest 2 months ago in  2 Maybe in future

Support contacts on the platform main page

Our platform supports functionality of having support contacts on log in page. Settings > Features > Support contacts on log in page. It would be useful to provide the same functionality but on the main page when user is logged in. Possibly,...
Guest about 1 month ago in  0 Already exists

Display full name of Offers

Greetings, please make it possible to display the full name of Offers in the offers' list. Some of the offers have long names and they aren't displayed (the names are cut off) - see attachment "Overview of offers". When we're looking for a spec...
Martina Formanová 2 months ago in  1 Planned

Overview of sent emails from the platform from Distributor/Reseller

Functionality to see outgoing email from the platform (Events, notification) For distributor/reseller. Separate section "Notifications" to review all outgoing emails. Similar to "Activity" tab.
Guest about 2 months ago in  0

Order should be placed by customer after accepting Quote

At the moment, when a customer Accepts a quote, a order is generated with the Seller as creator/owner. This should be changed as the customer does the order.
Guest 2 months ago in  0