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Status In review
Categories General usability
Created on Aug 12, 2022

Auto-generated text from ACP "Your subscriptions will expire on xx.xx.xxxx"

Adobe VIP Marketplace already has auto-renewal, so in the nofitication can:

  1. Make sure the number of subscriptions match your actual usage, as Adobe will do a automatic renewal of all subscriptions.

  2. Review your subscriptions in Atea Cloud Portal and update the number of subscriptions if needed.

  3. Review the new estimated price for the next 12 months. It may differ due to changes in the exchange rate (if applicable) or the price itself.

Update PO number in contract if necessary.

And where does the attached link go to?

The one below does not seem to work, but perhaps that is because I don’t login as Dag Olav Parr.

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