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Status Maybe in future
Categories General usability
Created by Przemyslaw Mrugalski
Created on Dec 12, 2022

Notification settings specific to Customer

The idea follows the use case from:

Customer requested to have one type of notification disabled only for one Customer.

As it stands notification setting are universal as per the reseller.

There is no a quick workaround as table NotificationSettings holds only tenantid (reseller) and not the customerid.

Could this feature request be considered for the future?

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  • Admin
    Igor Akulov
    Jan 3, 2023

    Hi Przemyslaw!

    Thanks for your input. We're currently focusing on adding support for customizing/localizing email notification texts and setting up webhooks that would notify other systems on the listed events. Based on overwhelming feedback from customers we are confident that these improvements are the best thing we can do for notifications this year, and the latter is coming soon. I hope you will find it as good news.

    We will be able to consider further improvements like the one you suggested after we complete this work.