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Categories Managing channel
Created by Przemyslaw Mrugalski
Created on Dec 13, 2022

Microsoft Partner Center account structure to be reflected in Appxite portal

The issue follows on the use case from:

It was discussed on weekly call with Liquid Customer.

As per Microsoft article there are two MPN IDs associated with partner center account.

Global MPNID

Location MPNID

The table AzureTenants has column MPNID, which I believe is a location MPNID.

We would like Azure Platform to store both (global and location) MPN IDs and use interconnectible when specifying one or the other.

Lets assume we have a Customer who has one global MPNID and two location MPNIDs.

As it stands now, do we have a way to associate two location MPNIDs with one Customer?

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