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Status In review
Created by Guest
Created on Dec 16, 2022

Seller Segment Category Creation Progress bar on the UI/Confirmation Status

Create a progress bar & steps like percentage based when creating seller segment category on distributor portal.

Current UI behaviour is that the "Save" button just dissapears, leaving the end user with a dashboard without any success message.

This is directly related to the process of saving of adding offers to a category for particular seller segments. The more offers are added, the longer it takes to save a category creation. Often times with additional database load, this process takes a while to complete and is not the most user friendly.

It is producing extra support request tickets, because of no Success Message/ Confirmation that the products added have been saved.

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  • Aija Gailane
    Dec 16, 2022

    reference to one of the submitted tickets where "root cause" was lack of clarity that it just need to give it some time for changes to be reflected