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Status Already exists
Created by Anastasiia Orlovska
Created on Dec 27, 2022

Creating new product and offer in languages other than English

It's not user friendly to create new Products and new Offers in any language that is not English.

As a support team, we know that English is a default language and any other is used as an addition to English. But how new user should know that?

Logic of new user: his product is for internal Japanese market and he creating it Japanese language. He will be not able to save it. If the 'selecting language' action is available, new user will select Japanese, fill the form and in case of creating New Product, the Save button will be grayed out and in case of creating New Offer, save button will be active and user will receive an error ('Some error happened')

How it's working now:

1) You need to leave selected language as English, feel the form in English

2) Don't Save

3) Select language as Japanese. This step will clean the whole form and confuse the new user.

4) Fill the form second time, now in Japanese

5) Save. It will save 2 forms in 2 languages (but it doesn't said anywhere)

Result: user is confused; some users will be not able to save new product or offer; the solution looks like a bug, when it's actually an expected behavior.

How it can look:

1) The field for selecting other languages should be removed.

2)Language is automatically chosen as English with no other option.

3)User filling the form in English.

4)After clicking the Save button, new prompt window is appearing, asking if user wants to fill the form again for this product or offer in additional language.

5)If user chooses Yes, option of selecting other languages is appearing. User filling new form in the selected language.

6) If user clicks No, form is saved only in English

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  • Aija Gailane
    Jan 3, 2023

    @igor, I see you have marked this idea as "already exists", but Anastasiia has explained in detail how the current setup is confusing and not friendly to users. Could you please comment?