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Status Planned
Created by Peter Mehrens
Created on Jan 13, 2023



  • New Orders - can choose from the dates of the existing subscriptions that the new ordered subscription may be co-termed with.

  • Synchronization

  • Scheduled after renewal settings

  • Invoicing

  • Pricing display: proration in product catalog and under subscriptions details

1) Co-terming
By co-terming customer can align his subscription renewal date with any other existing subscriptions renewal date.Affected offers: Microsoft NCE online services (user-based)Applicable: during new purchase and for scheduling renewal settingsFor 1 tenant there can be groups of co-termed subscriptions: e.g 5 subs have renewal on December 18, 10 other subscriptions on March 11.Microsoft mock up pictures attached.
For purchases made under a single organization, you can have each set of subscriptions co-termed on different date.​
When co-term is selected for a new subscription upon purchase, its renewal date is set to the selected date and its effective first term is shortened accordingly. Charges will be prorated accordingly for the first term.
Annual and triannual subscription cannot be co-termed with a monthly subscription. Monthly subscription can be co-termed with any other subscription.

Go live from Microsoft: March 10, 2022

First priority: synchronization from Partner centerSecond: configuration from platform

Within Partner center and MS APIs it is same customTermEndDate field setting, just difference from Coterminosity with Subscription align end date with calendar month means:A) for monthly term subscription select last day of month from your purchase dateB) for annual term subscription select last day of the 11th calendar month from your purchase dateOn MS UI it is represented as a checkbox that automatically calculated correct end date

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