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Status Maybe in future
Created by Kenneth Brede
Created on Mar 16, 2023

Recap of scheduled renewals in one notification

Hi team,

When you make scheduled changes to subscriptions for a customer renewal. It would be great to only put this into one email confirmation, instead of one for each change. The big customers has many different subscriptions they usually want to make changes to.

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  • Igor Akulov
    Apr 11, 2023

    Hi Kenneth!

    Thanks for the request. I agree with you, this is definitely something our product should allow you to configure. It's not asked frequently by our customers yet, so it is great to have this idea from you now on record for future consideration.

    I expect the demand for bundling this notification and other similarly frequent events into one overview to grow over time. Today, we are mostly allocating our efforts to further multi-cloud support, vendor portfolio and other initiatives that grow business for our customers. Once some capacity frees up, we'll evaluate if this request becomes possible to take into work.

    Feel free to check in on us from time to time. Thanks again.