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Status Maybe in future
Created by Guest
Created on Jun 27, 2023

Notification Templates

Need the ability to be able to customise the notification templates that are used for things like an upcoming renewal of subscription. Currently, we have to notify every customer manually, as we cannot use the templates in their current format.

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  • Igor Akulov
    Jun 27, 2023

    Hi Luke!

    We have recently added webhooks that can help you with this. If you enable a webhook for the upcoming renewal event, your preferred communication service (email/push/sms etc.) can send your own template instead of the email notification that you get out of the box with your platform. Perhaps you want to give it a try?

    In future we will definitely also add customization and localization of email templates in the platform. It is on our roadmap after we complete some of the ongoing work. By the way it looks today, it might take a few months for us to get there, so I recommend to give webhooks a go in the meantime.

    Hope this helps!