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Created by Kenneth Brede
Created on Feb 14, 2024

"Your subscription has been successfully renewed" - incorrect summary when scheduled change is enabled.

Hi team,

It would be great if this “subscription successful renewed”-message could reflect the correct amount if there has been made a scheduled change.

For this particular customer there has been scheduled:

Creative Cloud for teams All Apps EU: 2 / scheduled: 1

Acrobat Pro DC for teams MEL: 3 / scheduled: 2

In my opinion the message below is incorrect. Do you agree?

Best regards,


Fra: Infografikk AS <>

Sendt: onsdag 14. februar 2024 06:19

Til: Fredrik Jonassen <fredrik@infografikk.nno>

Kopi: Salg Frontline <>

Emne: Subscriptions Successfully Renewed

As our last notification stated, some of your subscriptions was set to renew this month...

Dear Kvernaas Arkitekter AS

Your subscriptions has been successfully renewed.

As our last notification stated, some of your subscriptions was set to renew this month. We can now announce that your services are fully operational and your subscriptions have been renewed. There was some price adjustments from the supplier of the service that we needed to take care of, and your updated prices are shown below.


Creative Cloud for teams All Apps EU

2 NOK 10220.62 every 12 months

Acrobat Pro DC for teams MEL

3 NOK 6507.24 every 12 months

* Prices shown as per purchased license

If you need any more help or have questions, please feel free to head over to our Customer Support team.

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  • Igor Akulov
    Feb 15, 2024

    Gotcha! Thanks for bringing our attention to this. We'll introduce some changes later today. The reminder about an upcoming renewal and the confirmation of a successful renewal will now both account for scheduled changes.



  • Kenneth Brede
    Feb 14, 2024

    Hi Igor,

    Since this is a subscription successful-message the scheduled quantity should be reflected in the email. The platform doesn't allow to make a scheduled change with a "customer date". It's only possible to make a scheduled change "On Renewal". This relates to Adobe, I don't know how the other vendors do it.

    Best regards,

  • Igor Akulov
    Feb 14, 2024

    Hi Ken!

    Let's see if I understand your scenario.

    1. Let's say that today you receive a heads-up notification that Subscription A will renew in X days with quantity Y.

    2. At the same time, there's a change scheduled to change quantity Y to quantity Z. Is it scheduled "for renewal" or "custom date"?

      1. These scheduling options work differently, so it's important that you specify

      2. If it's the "custom date" option, I assume in this scenario the date would be between today and the renewal date. Right?

    And if I got it right, you found that notifications display quantity Y, and you'd like to see quantity Z instead.

    Please help me with these details and I'll see what we can do.