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Created by Martina Formanová
Created on Jan 27, 2022

Hours and man-days as units in prices

Please add "hours" and "man-days" as units to the price form. Some services are sold not in "licences" or "devices", but hours (for example consultations, custom workshops etc.). Thank you.

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  • Martina Formanová
    Jul 4, 2022

    Hello Igor,

    thank you for your reply. Yes, we are aware that advanced pricing plans exist, but in some cases they do not fit our needs. The reasons why are mentioned in your reply - we don't need COMPLEX pricing and we WANT TO specify unit of measurement. It really doesn't make sense to me to create a pricing plan for something as simple as "1 hour = 10 EUR" (imaginary example). If there are no price tiers, no complex conditions or price calculations, then it doesn't make sense to use a pricing plan, does it?

    For example, when selling consultation services or training, we want the customer to be able to buy a service that fits their needs (for example an exact amount of consultation/training hours).

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts on this matter.

    Have a nice day,


  • Admin
    Igor Akulov
    Jun 30, 2022

    Hello Martina,

    I revisited your request and realized that you are still using basic prices with your offers. Do you know about something we call "pricing plans" that provide far more advanced pricing and customization options?

    You can create a plan with complex price scaling, avoid specifying unit of measurement, customize the form and how users can update it, provide in-line descriptions and disclaimers and more.

    I highly recommend our pricing plans instead of basic prices. Learn more here and enable it for the offer by toggling "Use an advanced pricing plan" on the offer setup page (see here).

    Thanks and tell me if this works for you.