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Created by Guest
Created on Feb 23, 2022

Labeling from NCE Products at the

If we look at the customers' subscriptions page we can't differentiate between non-NCE Subscriptions and NCE subscriptions.

As an example:

We booked yesterday two Microsoft 365 E5 subscriptions at Customer XWZ. There is no indication of which one is the NCE and which one is the old non-NCE or legacy subscription. Except for the "expires on" information.

Is there a possibility to establish

- an extended description - Example: Microsoft 365 E5 - legacy or Microsoft 365 E5 - NCE?
- a Mouse over to get the information?
- another colour scheme for the text?

I think the suggestions would be very helpful to have more transparency and comfort in distinguishing the old from the new.

What is your oppinion to this idea?

Kind regards
Olli Leckebusch

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  • Igor Akulov
    Aug 3, 2022

    I can finally mark this idea as done! Thanks once again for your submission, Olli. We just recently added NCE column/filter in the report with subscriptions. You can easily find which one's which there and rename the subscriptions accordingly.

    David, I also love the idea of tags for subscriptions, it's such a flexible general-purpose tool for many things. We're not yet planning to build anything on top of the tags, so I hope that we find a strong reason to implement them in future. But I bet you can use custom fields for subscriptions in various ways that are similar. I think you're already know that we offer that sort of thing to help save additional data. If you wish to explore further, message our support and we'll guide you through your options.


  • Guest
    Aug 3, 2022

    tagging is awesome and very extensible solution. When will it be live. Of course you still need to identify the right one to tag!

  • Igor Akulov
    Jun 27, 2022

    Hi Olli,

    Sorry it took long to reply, but I do have good new, sort of. We decided to do this one by allowing the seller to tag individual offers as opposed to products like today. We started development, but needed to switch to a more burning need. We want to resume later this year, and you'll definitely hear about these changes as we approach their release.

    This will also allow you to do much more than differentiate NCE from legacy - tag trials for easier discoverability, tag specific offers with campaign keywords, and so on.

    I hope you take these mostly good news positively. :)