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Status Released
Created by Martina Formanová
Created on Jul 20, 2022

Display full name of Offers


please make it possible to display the full name of Offers in the offers' list. Some of the offers have long names and they aren't displayed (the names are cut off) - see attachment "Overview of offers". When we're looking for a specific offer, we have to click on (open) every single one to see the full name and find the right one.

Possible solutions:

- Make the width of columns adjustable.

- Display tooltips on offer names (tooltips on product names work, but on offer names they don't - see attachments).

- Increase the width of the "Name" column.

Thank you,

Martina Formanová

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  • Igor Akulov
    Jul 20, 2022

    Thanks Martina. Sure. :)