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Improvement of "Corrections" on the BP invoices

Attached is an invoice for our France BP Aptys. For the Service Period 16.09.2021-16.10.2021 has been done correction for decrease of 3 subscriptions for MS 365 Business Standard. We are getting more and more questions from BP's as they don't unde...
Michal Richnavsky 9 days ago in  0

New separate state\country Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland should be segregated as a separate Country/State in our system, according to customer criticism.Currently, there's no such a standalone State as Northern Ireland in our system - only Ireland and UK
Guest 2 months ago in  1 Not planned

Platform new user registration improvement

Request to improve Sign Up page, for an improved User-friendliness for those who never used the platform before, needs to have the Text "SING UP/REGISTER" in the header.Screenshot attached.
Guest 3 months ago in  0

"Select All" button for overwriting previous pricing during price import

When you make a price import for select customers for products that already had special pricing, the price import page asks you to check a box for all rows that previously already had a special pricing. If there are 60 customers, all for whom the ...
Guest 3 months ago in  0 Maybe in future

Sort tags in catalog filters alphabetically

DESCRIPTION:Currently we do not have the function on portal to sort the order of Tags under Filter.Most important is to have the Tags in alphabetical order.All portals would benefit greatly from such functionality, provide a better UI navigation f...
Andis Strazdins 4 months ago in  0 In review

Microsoft PS and SS offers names and descriptions automatic updates

Hi. Please improve Microsoft offer sync API for Perpetual Software and Software Subscriptions to update our data (offer names, descriptions) based on changes in Microsoft APIs.
Diana Bobrova 4 months ago in  0 Maybe in future

German Translation of the product description of several Microsoft 365 products

HiI would like to have a German translation of the product description of the following products Microsoft 365 F1 Produktkatalog ( Microsoft 365 E5 Produktkatalog ( Microsoft 365 E3 Produktkatalog ( Microsoft 365 Busi...
Ingo Hampe 4 months ago in vendor integrations / catalog 1 In review

AppXite Pricelist Report Improvements

Remove Internal ID and External ID column+Add Reseller Name Column+Add Customer Name Column +Add filter by "Distributor to Seller Margin"+Add filter by "Seller to Customer Margin"
Alex Lim 7 months ago in reports 0

Margin as % of difference between cost and SRP

In-Price: 6 EURSRP: 10 EUR. Margin is 10 - 6 = 4 EUR. As a distributor / seller I can configure to add as a mark-up 50% of margin between SRP and In-price i.e. 6 EUR + 4 EUR * 50% = 8 EUR. Thus in cases where there is 0 difference between in-price...
Maris Krumins 8 months ago in  0 Maybe in future