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RE: HIMSS Conference Attendees Data-List 2023

Hi, Would you be interested in acquiring HIMSS Annual Conference Attendees Data List 2023? List contains: Company Name, Contact Name, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Title, Address, Street, City, Zip code, State, Country, Telephone, Email ad...
Guest 3 days ago in  0

Active users [Adobe]

Hi team, I would be great to implement the possibility to the assigned subscriptions compared to the total amount of subscriptions a customer has. I believe this information should be available through the Adobe API.
Kenneth Brede 4 days ago in  0

Scheduled renewal email confirmation (w/included changes)

Hi team, When you make scheduled changes to subscriptions for a customer renewal. It would be great to only put this into one email confirmation, instead of one for each change. The big customers has many different subscriptions they usually want ...
Kenneth Brede 4 days ago in  0

RE: HIMSS Conference Attendees DataList-2023

Hi, Would you be interested in acquiring HIMSS Annual Conference Attendees Data List 2023? No of Contacts:- 45,526 Cost: $ 2,289 Looking forward for your response, Kind Regards, Amelia Jones Marketing Coordinator
Guest 12 days ago in  0

Subscription adjustments during configuration (Cancelation) period

As a user with permissions to operate with subscriptions I can edit and make changes to subscription license quantity within eligible cancelation period defined by Vendor.Functionality should be vendor agnostic. Subscription editing is done from S...
Peter Mehrens 2 months ago in Self-service for customers / Tools for vendors 0

Partial upgrades

As a user, I want to upgrade part of the quantity of my subscription in a single order to a new offer, so that I don't have to place multiple orders or re-assign part of the licenses (closest alternative today).
Peter Mehrens 2 months ago in Self-service for customers 0

Can we have "my request" on this page so I can take look for past ideas that I have raised?

if i miss function I am sorry- but there is no way to find my past ideas that I raised. can we have "My ideas" for all past weather it was not picked up or picked up. thank you
Satomi Ono about 1 month ago in  1 Already exists

Reset MFA part of AppXite Platform

Appxite support receives many tickets in relation to reset the MFA. That creates manual workload for Support and Customers which could lead to extended resolution times. Auth0 provides API to reset the MFA as per the following article: https://aut...
Przemyslaw Mrugalski 2 months ago in General usability / Integrations 0 Maybe in future

Japanese prices should not have digits after decimal point (no cents)

Our platform by design displays 2 decimal digits for all the currencies, however there are several currencies used by our current and future customers that does not have decimal points, such as - Japanese Yens and Chinese Yuans. Our platform shoul...
Aija Gailane about 2 months ago in  0 In review

Unify platform terminology

In Organization section in platform there is status "Suspended", but the status next to the Organization name is "Blocked". It would be small, but beneficial UI improvement to have the terminology aligned.
Aija Gailane about 2 months ago in  0