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IMPT - Need to support reduction of quantity for monthly committed NCE Microsoft offers

Microsoft allows to reduce quantities at the end of each cycle, the appxite portal does not yet support this functionality
Daniel Cohen-Dumani 17 days ago in  0

License Term Duration in Subscription table view

In fact we now have different license term duration and customers are using both yearly and monthly, it would be great to see this information in subscription tab at table view. now only billing cycle is included in view.
Karsten Krause 3 months ago in  1 Maybe in future

Labeling from NCE Products at the

If we look at the customers' subscriptions page we can't differentiate between non-NCE Subscriptions and NCE subscriptions. As an example: We booked yesterday two Microsoft 365 E5 subscriptions at Customer XWZ. There is no indication of which one ...
Guest 3 months ago in  0

The subscription ARea of the solution does not show date in the correct format

Currently The Order and Subscription tab shows date in European format regardless of the browser settings. Please address this, our customers are in the US and needs format in the right settings
Daniel Cohen-Dumani about 1 month ago in  0

German Translation of the product description of several Microsoft 365 products

HiI would like to have a German translation of the product description of the following products Microsoft 365 F1 Produktkatalog ( Microsoft 365 E5 Produktkatalog ( Microsoft 365 E3 Produktkatalog ( Microsoft 365 Busi...
Ingo Hampe 10 months ago in vendor integrations / catalog 1 In review

Billing contact details make mandatory during the onboarding

As we are synch the Billing contact email address in to BC for automatic invoice sending, would be good to not allow to submit reseller without the Billing email address fill in.
Michal Richnavsky about 2 months ago in invoicing 0

Additional information in Order Status Report

In the new Order Status Report that has been created, can we add a column that pulls through the information that is held in the 'Comments' section of the subscription area. The reason for the request is we have a potential customer who has multip...
Guest about 2 months ago in  0

API Integration - Customer Internal Reference

Hello, In order to be able to pair vendor (e.g. IBM) would like to include our internal reference to the whole business case process. Our idea is: When approving the Order, we will also send our internal ID. If it will be another parameter or sepa...
Guest 6 months ago in API 5

product catalog management - overall view

A product catalog view over all created catalogs would be helpfull to organize e.g. a standard catalog for all customer segments and easy add new products to all custom catalogs without opening all product catalogs each time
Guest about 2 months ago in  3 Maybe in future

product catalog management - table view

It would be a very helpfull feature to switch from a card based view during catalog editing to an table view. Also then having features like "copy & past" categories or filtering for specific product properties (e.G. NCE, Azure, Microsoft 365,...
Guest about 2 months ago in  0