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Add/Remove offers from/within product group

As a seller, I want to be able to make specific offers easier for customers to find, so that I can sell my higher-margin offers.
Nadya Tuleyko 2 months ago in  0

Allocating licences to users in the portal

Competing portals offer possibility to allocate licenses to users in their own portal (whereas AppXite forces users to jump between portals, e.g. AppXite platform and Microsoft portal).From a usability standpoint for end-customers this is a requir...
Ilja Godau 2 months ago in  0

Tenant view

When looking up a customer, it would be useful in frontend to be able to see their tenant(s), f.ex. by holding the pointer over the customer name. It would be easier to see if the customer has multiple tenants, and also in the cases where the cust...
Ilja Godau 2 months ago in  0

Disconnect a tenant from an organization

In case of a multiple-tenants organization, there is a need to have the option to "disconnect" certain tenants because, for instance, the organization sold one of its divisions.
Ilja Godau 2 months ago in  0

Adjusting of Subscription

Adjusting of subscription or purchasing a new license? A standard procedure for customers point of view is that they just add the same license. Example; instead of adjusting amount of license in Microsoft E3 they just add another license(product)....
Ilja Godau 2 months ago in  0

Possibility to merge 2 org. even if they have subscriptions

Right now it is not possible to merge 2 org. that already have activity in it (subscriptions, users). One of the organizations must be empty and even then a merge does not always happen flawlessly. Currently only AppXite support can do this manual...
Ilja Godau 2 months ago in  0

In to Full Reconciliation Report add the payment term (Monthly/Yearly)

Due to enhancement of the forecast reporting for future Qtr's would be good to have this detail.
Michal Richnavsky 2 months ago in invoicing 1

AppXite Pricelist Report Improvements

Remove Internal ID and External ID column+Add Reseller Name Column+Add Customer Name Column +Add filter by "Distributor to Seller Margin"+Add filter by "Seller to Customer Margin"
Alex Lim 2 months ago in  0

Addition to PO Report

On the PO report that I use every week, I have to export it to Excel and then off to the right of the date field, I have to add a column to calculate price x quantity for each transaction and then total it on the bottom. Can this be automated int...
Steve Heyman 2 months ago in  0

Seller onboarding - Allow Primary Contact to use AAD to login

Can the onboarding process be improved so that when we invite the Pirmary Contact to activate their account, they don't have to use "Account" option to create password. They can choose to use AAD to login. This is useful because- It avoid the loop...
Alex Lim 2 months ago in  0