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Status In review
Categories General usability
Created by Guest
Created on Aug 31, 2022

SKU search for Microsoft products

It absolutly necessary that search for SKU IDs is possible instead of only search by name.

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  • Guest
    Sep 2, 2022

    I totally agree with Olli - currently it is possible to do this kind of search in the partner center. (see attached screenshot) So i guess that these informations are also available in the databases/exports from Microsoft when you build up your catalog?

  • Guest
    Sep 1, 2022

    Hello Igor, thank's for your reply. I mean the Product ID combined with the SKU ID like CFQ7TTC0LH0N:0001 as an example for SharePoint (Plan

    From my Point of view, these option search methods in the marketplace have versatile advantages:

    • the combination of Product ID and SKU ID is unique

    • the combination of Product ID and SKU ID is an indicator in the ERP System to match pieces of information

    • its faster to pick up the combination from Product ID and SKU ID out of the pricelist and search this at the marketplace

    • search results are unique

    Hopefully, AppXite think about the idea again and bring it to the live system.


    Olli Leckebusch

  • Admin
    Igor Akulov
    Sep 1, 2022


    We've considered this before and for now decided the demand for it is too niche. But since you're asking, let's revisit.

    Which IDs do you mean? Perhaps you mean Material ID MS uses in pricelists? And could you provide examples from experience in your business for which purposes or in which circumstances searching by offer names is not enough, who usually needs to search by IDs, and how often does this need occur?

    Thanks. I look forward to hear a bit more from you.