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"Your subscription has been successfully renewed" - incorrect summary when scheduled change is enabled.

Hi team, It would be great if this “subscription successful renewed”-message could reflect the correct amount if there has been made a scheduled change. For this particular customer there has been scheduled: Creative Cloud for teams All App...
Kenneth Brede 4 months ago in  3 Released

Possibility to shown rows under customers

As of right now im going alot back and forth to different customers in our porta. (Cristie) Every time I need the change the total rows to 50 in stead of 10.Can you make my choice to stick?Or a setting how many I want to be shown?Or a show all tha...
Guest 6 months ago in  1 Released

Japanese prices should not have digits after decimal point (no cents)

Our platform by design displays 2 decimal digits for all the currencies, however there are several currencies used by our current and future customers that does not have decimal points, such as - Japanese Yens and Chinese Yuans. Our platform shoul...
Aija Gailane over 1 year ago in  1 Released

Subscription adjustments during configuration (Cancelation) period

As a user with permissions to operate with subscriptions I can edit and make changes to subscription license quantity within eligible cancelation period defined by Vendor.Functionality should be vendor agnostic. Subscription editing is done from S...
Peter Mehrens over 1 year ago in Self-service for customers / Tools for vendors 0 Released

Any term and billing cycle

As a vendor, I want to define a custom billing cycles for my offers, so that I can bill the customer once every X number of months.
Peter Mehrens over 1 year ago in Tools for vendors 0 Released

Prorated price when purchase a change order or co-term offer

As a user who is changing subscription mid-term or co-terming a new subscription, I want to see an accurate amount for the incomplete term that my purchase/changes apply to, so that I know the real amount to expect in my first invoice.
Peter Mehrens over 1 year ago in Self-service for customers 0 Released

Show correct quantity when order Adobe offers and under subscriptions

As a vendor, I want to indicate one of the number boxes in a pricing plan as the "quantity" for the entire plan, so that it's possible to show to customers on UI, in reports etc. Includes: Instructions for vendor to use "quantityKey" as Number fie...
Peter Mehrens over 1 year ago in General usability / Tools for vendors 0 Released

Auto-fill subscription amount for upgrades

Currently, our platform supports full subscription upgrades only. Which means, if customer wishes to upgrade their subscriptions, they have to memorize the subscription amount and update it manually before submitting the upgrade request, otherwise...
Aija Gailane over 1 year ago in Self-service for customers 0 Released

Improved functionality for Scheduled orders.

According to current functionality, if a Customer places 2 Scheduled orders at various times for the same subscription and they aren't aware that 2 orders exist, only the most recent Scheduled order will be processed by Microsoft , when the renewa...
Andis Strazdins over 1 year ago in Self-service for customers 1 Released

How to upgrade some items (product) through the platform

We need upgrade items (products) through the platform, e.g. MIcrosoft 365 Standard to Professional. Today it´s only possible by Micrsoft Partner Center.
Danny Efrom over 1 year ago in  1 Released