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Auto-fill subscription amount for upgrades

Currently, our platform supports full subscription upgrades only. Which means, if customer wishes to upgrade their subscriptions, they have to memorize the subscription amount and update it manually before submitting the upgrade request, otherwise...
Aija Gailane 9 months ago in Self-service for customers 0 Released

Display full name of Offers

Greetings, please make it possible to display the full name of Offers in the offers' list. Some of the offers have long names and they aren't displayed (the names are cut off) - see attachment "Overview of offers". When we're looking for a spec...
Martina Formanová about 1 year ago in  1 Released

Labeling from NCE Products at the

If we look at the customers' subscriptions page we can't differentiate between non-NCE Subscriptions and NCE subscriptions. As an example: We booked yesterday two Microsoft 365 E5 subscriptions at Customer XWZ. There is no indication of which one ...
Guest over 1 year ago in  3 Released

Show correct quantity when order Adobe offers and under subscriptions

As a vendor, I want to indicate one of the number boxes in a pricing plan as the "quantity" for the entire plan, so that it's possible to show to customers on UI, in reports etc. Includes: Instructions for vendor to use "quantityKey" as Number fie...
Peter Mehrens 9 months ago in General usability / Tools for vendors 0 Released

The subscription ARea of the solution does not show date in the correct format

Currently The Order and Subscription tab shows date in European format regardless of the browser settings. Please address this, our customers are in the US and needs format in the right settings
Daniel Cohen-Dumani over 1 year ago in General usability 0 Released

How to upgrade some items (product) through the platform

We need upgrade items (products) through the platform, e.g. MIcrosoft 365 Standard to Professional. Today it´s only possible by Micrsoft Partner Center.
Danny Efrom 11 months ago in  1 Released

Appxite Reporting API: Addition of Invoice Reference Number and Order Remarks Or Comments in Invoice Headers and Rows API.

Hello Team, As you know we are working with the integration of Appxite Reporting API's with SAP Business One. During the integration we have analysed that it would be helpful if we have the "Invoice Reference Number #" and "Order Note" to be adde...
Guest 11 months ago in Analytics 3 Released

IMPT - Need to support reduction of quantity for monthly committed NCE Microsoft offers

Microsoft allows to reduce quantities at the end of each cycle, the appxite portal does not yet support this functionality
Daniel Cohen-Dumani over 1 year ago in  1 Released

Ability to set a future date when ordering custom services

When we order custom services (i.e. managed services), we would like to setup a future date, i.e. start this services on x/x/xxxx. Currently it starts immediately. Similarly, we would like to be able to suspend at a future date, i.e. stop on that ...
Daniel Cohen-Dumani over 1 year ago in  3 Released

Dropdown not sorted alphabetically

Please see the attached video for a bug where the dropdown is not ordered properly and thus makes it harder to find what you are looking for. It is an industry standard to order content in dropdowns either numerically or alphabetically – depending...
OLAFS REINIS almost 2 years ago in  0 Released