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Adobe Sign transactions overview/usage

Hi team, I’m now been told that we aren’t able to see the used quantity of used Adobe Sign Transaction through your platform. Example customer: Link Retail AS Erp ID: 54DE59F8EC0EE19833BA Subscription: Acrobat Sign Solutions for enterprise AWS per...
Kenneth Brede 3 months ago in  2 Maybe in future

Notification Templates

Need the ability to be able to customise the notification templates that are used for things like an upcoming renewal of subscription. Currently, we have to notify every customer manually, as we cannot use the templates in their current format.
Guest 11 months ago in  1 Maybe in future

Active users [Adobe]

Hi team, I would be great to implement the possibility to the assigned subscriptions compared to the total amount of subscriptions a customer has. I believe this information should be available through the Adobe API.
Kenneth Brede about 1 year ago in  1 Maybe in future

Recap of scheduled renewals in one notification

Hi team, When you make scheduled changes to subscriptions for a customer renewal. It would be great to only put this into one email confirmation, instead of one for each change. The big customers has many different subscriptions they usually want ...
Kenneth Brede about 1 year ago in  1 Maybe in future

Unify platform terminology

In Organization section in platform there is status "Suspended", but the status next to the Organization name is "Blocked". It would be small, but beneficial UI improvement to have the terminology aligned.
Aija Gailane over 1 year ago in  0 Maybe in future

Reset MFA part of AppXite Platform

Appxite support receives many tickets in relation to reset the MFA. That creates manual workload for Support and Customers which could lead to extended resolution times. Auth0 provides API to reset the MFA as per the following article: https://aut...
Przemyslaw Mrugalski over 1 year ago in General usability / Integrations 0 Maybe in future

Notification setting UI improvements

Portal notification settings currently are not very intiutive, it is confusing why the toggle says "Inherited" instead of "On/off". There are few suggestions to make it more user friendly: Rename "Email" to "Notifications or "Email notifications";...
Aija Gailane over 1 year ago in General usability 0 Maybe in future

Notification settings specific to Customer

The idea follows the use case from: Customer requested to have one type of notification disabled only for one Customer. As it stands notification setting are universal as per the reseller. There is ...
Przemyslaw Mrugalski over 1 year ago in General usability 1 Maybe in future

OAuth2 based SSO

We are providing a platform similar to a marketplace to our customers. In the future, we want to offer our products from AppXite in our platform as well.The usecase will be: We export products from AppXite, display these products in our maketplace...
Guest over 1 year ago in Integrations 0 Maybe in future

Microsoft tenant management in platform, as self service.

Currently there a a number of Support requests ,per month, where the domains of a Microsoft tenant, need to be adjusted on platform, mostly for ATEA customers. This includes: Sharing a domain between 2 organizations(Customer ID's). Moving a domain...
Andis Strazdins almost 2 years ago in Self-service for customers 2 Maybe in future